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Interior Design

Fixed rate

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Range $50 hourly to $100 hourly OR create a monthly budget plan

We perform top to bottom cleaning in teams of two. If we have a larger contract then we will provide the proper amount of staff for the job.  All of our contract are personalized and prices vary. 


Range $30-$130 an hour

Our team comes in and organizes the clients desired space. This includes decluttering, and rearranging spaces, rooms, or offices for clients, meaning to create orginization out of clutter and chaos.

Interior Design

Ranges from $17-$37 an hour 

Our client has the choice to pick through different styles, designs, and color schemes. Our team creates multiple looks based on supplies and assists the client or contractor in the project.

Who Are We?

Tidy Women is specifically made with the moto, "People Helping People." We started this company to insure our clients would have top notch services with affordable prices. We are a group of caring individuals, ready to assist your needs. We do all various tasks. We even have a special way of going above and beyond by offering out helping hands.  Our services include: Clean, organize, and interior design. 

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We love to share tips with our followers on how to DIY at home. It doesn't cost a dime to follow and will make an average looking home into an Instagram worthy high class piece.

Cleaning is a type of art that you can have fun with and we love posting our art on Facebook, Instagram, and blog. You can find our social links at the bottom of this site.


Have You Ever Wondered...

What would it be like to be a tidy person? Here at Tidy Women we offer ways our customers can develop and learn new tidying skills to practice daily.  Our E-Learner will be launching soon.

If you are looking to be apart of Tidy Women we are always looking for helping hands. 

Scroll to the bottom of our site and click our volunteer link.

We are always looking to expand and find more opportunities

Tidy Women has a dream to become a world wild service. We are women who want to work. Tidy Women is all about applying 100% effort with people helping people, ending poverty, and believing that free work is never free. We dedicate a lot of hours to community service all around the world. We jump at any opportunity to make a difference. 

Quoting vs. Fixed Rate


We require up to 30% down in advance to book your first appointment. 

Our clients make a one time payment and are not required to have a service contract.

Fixed Rate

This will be a negotiable rate based on each client. We have both short-term and long-term contract options. 

Our clients pay month to month.

Make a Smart Move

By: Syerra Rose, CEO and founder

Any client looking for long-term services should  create a contract with Tidy Women LLC. It is both beneficial to our clients and our company. This will build mutual trust, sense of security, no last minute cancelations, no last minute bill increase, and our contracts can be ended before the term is complete with no extra charge but only with a 30-day notice to cancel services. 

Building trust, we will provide services with confidence knowing that we will be reimbursed for our labor and additional expenses. Our clients meet our crew and build a business based relationship with our company. Having an agreement with us is only giving both parties a sense of security. This is ensure us that you will not give us last minute cancelations and we will not give our clients a last minute bill increase. When our clients sign a year long contract with us then the monthly fixed rate cost we give them will be the same price until the year term ends. We can not increase their bill until our year term ends. This means if costs of materials go up as well as cost of service in February, 2022,  a client that signed a contract in January, 2022 for a lower cost then what we will be charging new clients with no contract prior to February, 2022. This means our clients get grandfathered in until their contract ends. They pay a lower cost for their service than what it is worth.  Our clients also have the option to end services before the year term is over with a 30-day notice that is free of charge.

Make a smart move and call our client hotline at: 1(815)878-6983 or email us at tidywomanbusiness@gmail.com and find out how we can get started on your contract. We have a 1-3 business day response time excluding weekends and holidays.