College Students

September 2022 Helping Hands

Syerra L. Rose, CEO, and founder

We had a college student who has a full-time job, attending school, and barely has time to spend with friends open up with us about the struggles of being a modern-day college student. The truth is the economy we live in makes it hard to live independently without government assistance, roommates, or relying on relatives for financial support. Our gas prices are taking a huge portion out of our checks. 

The stress this is putting on all American lives has been obvious but what about our college students? The near future: Doctors, lawyers, CEOs,  etc. It's not the world issues alone that keep us from reaching our maximum potential but it's the fact we are all merely human. What does being human mean? That means we need food, water, sleep, and sometimes unfortunately enough it means we have feelings with personal wants and needs. Some of us have mental disorders like ADHD, BPD,  anxiety, depression, etc. This is a cause for awareness but some may ask, "How does this have anything to do with Tidy Women?"

Any therapist or psychiatrist will tell you, taking a prescription alone will not cure your mental disorder. You must put effort and time into finding routine plus healthy habits that work for you. The article, "Can Taking Medication Alone Fix Anxiety and Depression," written by Patrick O'Neil, gives multiple sources from depression experts, doctors, and professors that will tell you the same thing. This is something that I've known for years but some people are still clueless and think a pill works instantly like magic.  This has everything to do with having a filthy, unorganized car, and do keep in mind this goes much further than a car but a bedroom, a school bag, and personal files all over the place. Everything can look great on the outside but does your whole life look like a mess? 

List of Healthy Habits

I decided to add college students to our non-profit to insure our future has the support they need to succeed. Having access to tools and resources to physically receive help with such a "simple task" of cleaning out a car. We go where we are needed and love what we do. We want to be a friend to all and make a difference in this world. The list of benefits of having a clean/organized car alone is endless. The biggest ones are the effect it has on your physical and mental health. An article, "The Psychological Benefits of Having a Clean Car," written by carcare states, "Studies have found that tidy spaces – your home, office and even your vehicle – does wonders for the mind, helping to relieve stress, boost performance, and help you feel more energetic and happier. That’s right. A clean car can affect the way you think."

Detail Clean from Tidy Women FREE of Charge

People cannot help you if you're not open and honest about your needs.

The pictures featured above are the results of a FREE car detail done September of 2022