Syerra Rose, CEO and founder

Started As One

In the beginning Tidy Women was no other than one woman who went by the name Tidy Woman. Immediately showing the community she cared, in 2019 our founder, Syerra Rose was a single mom barely getting by cleaning for free for several elderly handicap while working two retail jobs.

She later went on into developing her skillset through hardship, work experience, and volunteering over the years. "Establishing a business isn't easy for it takes a lot of hard work and determination," stated Syerra on September 15th, 2022.

She couldn't do it alone nor for free and decided to take a break. Syerra wanted to do more for the elderly and got her CNA in 2020 working in a few different nursing homes, struggling to find child care.

Stronger Together

By early 2021 we decided to relaunch and go by the name Tidy Women. Syerra had asked the help of some friends to complete jobs and couldn't be more happy to have Rebecca Schallhorn by her side through thick and thin. Syerra states, "Rebecca never once asked for money and had always been eager to learn."

By mid 2021 Syerra had the help of Elizabeth Shaw who had created our logo, encouraged growth, and supported the vision of Tidy Women. Syerra says, "Elizabeth is one of the most hard working people I know. She is constantly chasing her goals and doesn't give up."

Syerra had decided to create a non-profit to serve the community called 'Helping Hands'. In all reality it started in 2019 not officially named. Today, TIDY WOMEN LLC takes one day out of every month to serve the community with Helping hands non-profit.

Expanding Our Vision

Originally TIDY WOMEN LLC started off as a cleaning service and now they have added a new organizing service along with an interior design program. The skillsets of all their women is spreading to 102 counties of IL and they can offer the community an amazing four functioning service.

TIDY WOMEN LLC can plan events, set up, decorate, upkeep cleanliness, organize behind the scenes, and fulfill their clients wants and needs. They have a 6 person team ready to work together to make a special day extra special.

They offer short-term/long-term contracts for people, businesses, and government facilities to receive their cleaning services. TIDY WOMEN LLC has a 5 star rating and a good standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

They will travel outside of IL to organize events and offer their interior design program. TIDY WOMEN LLC is serving every county in IL. They are constantly looking for volunteers and employees.

Gaining Passion Over the Years

What Experience Taught

Frontline of the medical field during Covid-19 outbreak:

"Let that last impression be as good as your first."

~Syerra L. Rose

Ride along EMT/firefighter:

"Being ready for the job is the most important part of the job."

~Syerra L. Rose

Volunteering at the Dole Mansion:

"Running a successful event requires teamwork and excellent communication."

~Syerra L. Rose

Being a mother:

"The world we leave behind is the one our children's children will grow up in."

~Syerra L. Rose

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Our Letter to You:

Dear Reader,

Hello and thank you for showing interest in TIDY WOMEN LLC it is by no chance that you have stumbled across our page and happen to be reading this letter. We want to welcome you and hear your story.

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