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Hello and welcome

Every month we work on team development. We are always hiring/taking on new clients. 

Syerra Rose, CEO and founder

"I have been trying to find a department head for LaSalle County. It is in process. I have a few cleaning specialists working to earn the position." 

Department Head

Wage ranges from $20.00 an hour to $25.00 an hour

Responsible for covering last-minute call-offs, stocking supplies at job sites, giving write-ups,  performing walk-throughs, creating client profiles, sending emails, answering phone calls, strategic schedule planning,  and running monthly/quarterly training meetings.

(Cleaning or Organizing) Team Lead

Wage ranges from $17.00 an hour to $19.00 an hour

Responsible for training new crew members, keeping staff within company guidelines, sending emails, updating the department head, covering call-offs,  and attending monthly/quarterly training meetings.

 full-time positions

(Cleaning or Organizing) Specialist

Wages range from $13.00 an hour to $16.00 an hour

Responsible for attending quarterly training meetings, reporting to the team lead, communicating with staff,  driving to job sites, showing up for scheduled dates, complete a checklist for each client profile. 

part-time and full-time positions

Interior Designer

Salary based pay

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We are open to any new partnerships. It is important to us that we serve the community and grow.

Interior Design Program Expansion

TIDY WOMEN LLC is partnering with home, lawn, and garden businesses in every county we serve. Our goal is to collaborate on projects and rehab houses.  We want to see transformations in people's lives. 

Most Important to Us

We value open communication describing one's perspective with no judgment. People are who they are and we have a job to assist them with. It is important to us that our partners acknowledge the importance of honesty. We also expect our partners to have respect when working on our team. It is key for our team's communication in order to have a successful work day.  We expect reasonable responses from parties on all ends. It is clear that Tidy Women is helping all people.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

We will collaborate with independent contractors 

Smile and say cheese

Getting the right placement

New light fixture to compliment new sink

Getting things done 

New toilet: Made easy

Focused on the seams 

Mudding and tapping for primer and paint

Bathroom Remodel

"We have a guy for that," is exactly what we say when our clients ask about getting a new bathroom. Anything our clients need to be done, "we gotta guy for that. 

We love collaborating on projects to get a masterpiece. Things take time to do them the right way. We like having the best of the best on our team.