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If Not You Then Who Will?

Syerra Rose, CEO and founder

I've heard so many people say, "somebody else will do it." I find myself to typically respond with, "but what fi I am that somebody else?" That typically allows the other person to understand my mindset in which results in me doing what I do best which is putting in the work others are too scared to try themselves but what if I told you we were all capable? I believe in every single one of you. Yes, that is right. I truly do believe that we all can make a difference and be extrodinary.

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Our Goal

It is our goal to serve our community one day out of every month. All of our department heads are encouraged to dive into their passions and use their unique gifts to give back to the world. We want to be change makers.

It is our goal to make the world better than what we were left with. When the community reaches out we want to provide services.

It is our goal to have enough volunteers to make a difference everywhere we go. Keep in mind it only takes one to make a difference.

Community Opportunity

We are giving people of the community opportunity to get the help they need for no charge. We want to see positive change.

We are listening to idea and suggestions to dive into head first and taking charge with our own team. Our drive is unbelievable.

We are leading by example to raise a new generation of humans. It is time we take accountability and step up to the plate. This world is all of our homes. Let us all take better care of it.

~It is time someone said it