Trash clean up

We can't rely on anyone but ourselves to clean up this mess

Elizabeth Shaw, Tidy Woman of the month

The photo above feature Tidy Woman, Elizabeth Shaw and her mother.

Our Tidy Woman: Elizabeth Shaw

By: Syerra L. Rose, CEO and founder

Elizabeth Shaw is personally one of my very close friends. We had originally met one another on a beach. We bonded quickly due to our hunger to change the world. The first day we met we discussed wonderful ideas of how we could both apply ourselves in Tidy Woman. This month Elizabeth took on helping hands by cleaning up Starve Rock, a local state park in Oglesby, IL.

Liz has an immense love for nature and wants to help keep this world clean. She has a dream to one day open her own yoga studio, dance studio, and rehab center for those recovering from drug addiction. I have never met somebody with such high goals and ambition. I know for a fact that she will go far and has a lot to offer this world.

We love to go for hikes and talk about the balance of life and how everything flows together. We dream of a world where people can love and trust one another. We want to respect our earth, clean up the land, and teach our youth how to restore the broken.

You can contact Elizabeth on more information on how to be involved in our movement with helping hands. We dedicate one day out of every month to giving back. If you live in McHenry county scroll down and find her number, give us a call, and you can be on your next months helping hands.